TDICALL Dual Band Signal Booster | 850MHz 1800MHz Mobile Phone Repeater

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This booster works with both voice and data services of all CDMA 850MHz, GSM 850MHz, UMTS 850MHz, 4G LTE FDD 850MHz & GSM 1800MHz, 4G LTE FDD 1800MHz networks. 

1800MHz is not available in Northern America. Customers from United States, Canada and Mexico do not buy this kit. Anyway, if your shipping address is in Northern America, but you buy it to use in another country's 1800MHz network, please confirm this in your order message, otherwise, your order won't be shipped, and will be cancelled.

Please check your country's cellular frequency information at, and contact us via to make sure the accurate frequency of your service in your address. Making sure your signal frequency in your address can guarantee that you won't buy the wrong booster. Very important!


Frequency: 824-849MHz (Uplink); 869-894MHz (Downlink)

Frequency: 1710-1785MHz (Uplink); 1805-1880MHz (Downlink)

Output Power: 25dBm

Booster Gain: 70dB


Outdoor Log Periodic Antenna Gain: Max. 9dBi

​Indoor Panel Antenna Gain: Max. 8dBi

Power Supply: AC 100V - 240V

Impedance: 50 ohms

Input: AC 100V - 240V, 50Hz - 60Hz

Working Voltage: DC 5V

Working Temperature: -15 to 55 degree centigrade

Dimension: Appr. 240*155*29 (mm)

Package Contents:

1x Dual Band 850/1800MHz Signal Booster

1x Directional Outdoor Log Periodic Antenna

1x Directional Indoor Panel Antenna

1x 10 meters 50ohms Cable

1x 5 meters 50ohms Cable

1x 5V Power Supply


In order to get satisfying shopping experience, please read the FAQ carefully, and consult us via before purchasing, we will recommend you the most cost-effective signal booster based on your actual situation.