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1. Why does not the booster work with my phone?  

The booster only works with certain frequencies the booster features, for example, A 850MHz booster only works with 850MHz networks, if you bought a 850MHz booster while your signal frequency is 1900MHz only, the 850MHz booster won’t work for you, what you need should be 1900MHz booster.

As you can see, making sure the signal frequency of your service in your address is very important! If you don't have any idea about how to choose the booster, or you are not 100% sure your service frequency in your address, please consult us, we will help you to make sure your signal frequency, and recommend you the correct booster. Some buyers do not work with us to make sure their frequency due to some reasons, and unluckily, they bought wrong boosters, we are afraid that we can not be respoinsible for this problem.

2. Why do I have to approach my phone very closely to indoor antenna to receive the boosted signal to make the calls? 

Your outdoor signal strength is very weak, and the booster you bought is not powerful enough to work satisfactory, you need to buy a stronger booster kit in this situation. The more powerful the booster is (or the stronger the outdoor signal is), the bigger indoor coverage is.

3. My house is in my carrier's 850MHz and 1900MHz coverage, are both 850MHz booster and 1900MHz booster ok for me?  

It depends. If 850MHz signal and 1900MHz signal are all stable and adequate in your address, both 850MHz booster and 1900MHz booster are ok for you. But if the 850MHz signal is very poor outside your house, you are strongly recommended to choose 1900MHz booster. If you have good budget, you can simply buy dual band 850/1900MHz boos

4. My carrier runs my subscribed service on 850MHz, why does not the 850MHz booster work for me?

Almost all carriers runs their specific service on multiple frequencies nationwide, even if your carrier has 850MHz network, it does not mean 850MHz booster can surely work for you, 850MHz booster can not work for you if your address is not in your carrier’s 850MHz effective coverage.

5. My carrier confirmed that my area is in their 850MHz and 1900MHz coverage, my outdoor signal strength is good, why does the 850MHz booster increase my indoor signal very a little bit?

Your good outdoor signal frequency is actually 1900MHz, your outdoor 850MHz signal is very poor, that’s why the work performance of 850MHz booster is bad. If you have made sure your better outdoor signal frequency is 1900MHz before placing the order, you would buy proper 1900MHz booster to get good indoor reception.

6. Is multiple band booster better than single band booster?

Not necessarily. Normally, the multiple band boosters are more expensive than single band boosters, the single band booster can save you a lot of money if the strongest outdoor signal frequency can be confirmed. Not only this, please note that the cell phones always work on the strongest frequency, this means even if you buy an expensive multiple band booster, when your outdoor signal is stable, only the strongest frequency of your multiple band booster is useful to you. When the production costs are same or close, the key parameters of single band booster can be produced much better than those of multiple band booster, this mean when you spend same price for a single band booster and a multiple band booster, the overall performance of single band booster can be much better.

Of course, if you need a booster for a company or any other place where people use phones of different carriers, or you need to bring the booster to different areas while traveling, the multiple band booster is necessary.

7. My 4G signal frequency is confirmed to be 700MHz, why does my 700MHz booster only work with my data service, and it does not work with my voice service at all?

Some carriers' 4G LTE network is only for data service, their voice service actually works on 3G, even 2G network. If you see 4G or LTE indicator on top of your phone LCD while it is in auto mode, but the 4G or LTE indicator always disappears and switches to 3G or 2G mode every times when you make or receive calls, this means your 4G signal is for data service only, if you need a booster for both your data and voice service, you need to make sure both your data service frequency and your voice service frequency, then buy a dual band repeater if your 4G frequency is different from your 3G frequency.




You can check the frequency information of your carrier in the links below.  (USA only)


To make sure your accurate signal frequency in your address, please consult us at  , WhatsApp:+8613724367675 , we will recommend you a most cost-effective booster kit.

8. How long does it take to receive my order?

In general, the orders are processed within 24 to 48 hours, the delivery time depends on the shipping method and destination country, normally, it will take about 15 to 30 days. If you do not receive the item after 30 days of shipping, and the tracking information keeps unupdated for a long time, please contact us at, we will check for you.

9. How do I return the item?

Please refer to our returns policy. Besides, we don't accept any returned products which was sabotaged deliberatedly. 

10. How do I use a coupon code? 

We encourage the customers to register our membership, In order to achieve this goal, we offer coupn codes to our registered members. To use your coupon code, add all of your glam goodies to your shopping cart and begin the checkout process. There will be a box to enter your code, then just click ”apply”. Please note that only one promotion code can be entered for a given order. Coupon code cannot be used for orders already placed.

11. What if the product I received is damaged or missing items?

Please refer to our returns policy. Besides, We cannot accept returned products that have been used or man-made damaged.
You are supposed to report damaged or missing items within 3 business days from the delivery date by contacting us at You need to keep the original box & packing material in the event we open a claim with the carrier. In some cases, we may need a customer's help to confirm what is happening. We appreciate your cooperation and patience through this process.

12. What kinds of payment do we accept?

Our checkout page accepts Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Discover, American Express, and Paypal as forms of payment.

13. When can I get the tracking number of my order?

Normally, we will ship out the orders within 2 working days after payment receipt. In some circumstances, it will take some time for our stripe account or shopify account to receive, since the payment platform needs time to finish the payment process.

14. Why was my order cancelled and refund?

Both Stripe and Shopify has advanced risk alert system, if one specific credit card payment was detected to be high risky payment, and give us high risk alert in the order page, according to our company's policy, we won't ship the order even if not all such orders are real fraud, since we can not verify this. In this situation, if the buyer can not place a new order by a safe credit card, and really want to buy the item, we suggest western union as the payment term.

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