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For the purpose of improving our customers' better experience exchange of our products, and also help the new visitors to understand, choose and install our products, we set up this users community.

All the materials in this users community come from our customers. Our signal boosters are of excellent quality, our pre-sales customer service staff with professional product knowledge can help customers to make sure their signal frequency, and recommend the most suitable products. We are confident that all our recommended boosters can work well for the customers, and give every customer good experience. (Note: If the consumers who lack of expertise do not contact us for help to confirm their cell phone signal frequencies in their address, they might purchase wrong product which do not work at all for them.)

In order to encourage the customers to share their product experience, and also to promote our products better, we offer the rewards below for all customers.

1. US$5 reward

Sharing the high definition (HD) installation photos of our product (both outdoor and indoor), and leave comments of our products (50 words or more).

2. US$10 reward

Sharing the HD installation photos of our product (both outdoor and indoor) and the HD photo of the customer holding our product, and leave comments of our products (50 words or more).

3. US$15 reward

Sharing our product information in customers' social media accounts (such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, etc.), and send us the screenshot.

4. Reward of 50% of the total order amount

If you have good video shooting skills and are willing to take a video of the complete installation and test of the product for us, we would like to offer 50% of the total order amount as reward. The audio commentary in the video should be in English. (If you buy 2 units or more in the order, please be informed that the reward will be only one unit's 50% total price.)

Video Requirements.

A. Showing your mobile phone signal strength outside the house, and briefly describes how to install and adjust the position of the outdoor antenna.

B. Showing the installation of the booster in the house, and introduces the signal strength of the mobile phone and test the data speed before turning on the signal booster, then turns on the power of the booster, a few seconds later, you can see how much the signal booster kit boost your indoor signal and  improve the data speed.

C. Before the video is ending, please share your experience and evaluation of the product,

We warmly welcome all customers to participate in our users community. And all reward woud be paid via paypal.

Contact: Tang Zheng



Tel: +86-13724367675 


Address: D1501, Longhua Apartment, Minqing Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China